Welcome to the Islington Patients Group's (IPG) Website.

The Health and Social Care Act give most of the purchasing of healthcare services to groups of GPs (Clinical Commissioning Groups or CCGs). It also placed on CCGs the duty to consult with patients.

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We take the Government’s pledge of ‘no decision about me without me’ seriously. We were formed by a group of attendees at Patient Participation Group meetings who were dissatisfied with the way Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (ICCG) were implementing their duty to consult.

This is not a fault of ICCG, in the sense that this is all new to them and they have been themselves changing and moving towards our position.

We feel that patients need a forum where they can develop policy democratically and then lobby the CCG to implement that policy.

In order to do this we need the widest possible inclusion. We encourage all service users and their organisations to affiliate so that we can speak with authority to the GGC.

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