Our intention is to build a broad based and democratic organisation that can act as a strong voice for patients in Islington.  The founding members keep up with healthcare issues and the activities of Islington CCG.  We encourage all affiliates to join us.

We meet regularly and once you've affiliated you will receive notification of meetings.

We realise that with limited time many people will not attend the meetings or have time to keep up with the details of health provision in Islington, so we will issue regular bulletins to record our deliberations and any decisions we come to.

Once a decision is reached it will be published in the bulletin but will not be acted on (an exeption may be made in the case of emergencies) for at least 14 days.  In that time affiliates are encouraged to respond to the decision.  If there are objections then we will enter into further consultations and try and reach a consensus.  If no consensus can be found we will revisit the decision and either confirm it or reject it as the meeting decides in the light of the objections.

We feel that this gives opportunity for everyone (especially those who have a stake but not the time to commit to meetings and research) to express an opinion.

Of course this arrangement itself can be changed in the light of opinions expressed by Affiliates. 

We very much hope you will decide to affiliate.  The broader our organisation, the greater the authority with which we speak.