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3 Ed Fredenburgh What's to say? I've lived in Islington for about 35 years. I've been involved in many campaigns against injustice and attacks on our rights and quality of life. I think the most serious attack is the corporate world's drive to steal our public services for their profit, with privatisation of the NHS being the main focus. I hope Islington Patients Group can make a small stand in defence of this treasured national asset, which the Tories have said "will not exist in 5 years".
2 Mike Hart Mike has been a campaigner on health issues since 2011. He is a member of a number of organisations including Islington Keep Our NHS Public (for whom he produces a newsletter) and the National Health Action Party. He is a regular attender at Islington PPG meetings. 'There are' says Mike 'some real problems with our healthcare system, but privatisation cannot address them'. Although the Health and Social Care Act is a disaster, its one good feature is the requirement to consult patients. I think that the creators of the act mean consultation to mean choosing between suppliers, but with effort we can redefine it to bring some real democratic input into healthcare. This why I am part of Islington Patient's Group